Welcome to beastwithin.org, personal home page of Urpo Lankinen (email), aka Weyfour WWWWolf.

Currently, this domain hosts personal stuff that's organised in a little bit haphazard manner, but rest assured stuff will be organised a little bit better in near future, now that I have a proper content management system in place.

This website used to be pretty much a big wasteland of static HTML, excessive but awesome Movable-Typery and other weird content management hacks, but as of September 21, 2013, I installed Drupal here. Old static pages and content should be available just fine until they're migrated to Drupal - if ever!

Wolf Head of Self-Repair

2015-05-11 15:34 My impressions on Debian 8.0 Jessie, and the stability it shall bring.

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The Gameless Game

☞ All game stuff, all the time, at The Gameless Game


Major attractions

The domain has been hosted, for quite a while, by Nebula.