Here's some random thoughts on software. Happens to be a quite notable topic, since I've just finished installing this blogware thing.

It's weird how Ruby on Rails helps me organize all of the things that are needed to build things.

Since Nov. 11, I've used Instiki Instiki as the wiki engine that helps me organize all of the factoids, and definitely helps me build a database of Stuff that is more or less essential to get things done easily.

And this blog site, incidentally, is run on top of Typo, a weblog engine that just happens to be the best thing since the sliced bread.

Other things that have assisted me so far when writing are XEmacs and - I think I'll be using OO.o more in the future though. The story I'm currently working on is the first one written in OO.o 2.0, and so far, I think I've really liked it. Definitely one of the best word processors I've used so far. I've tried to look for a word processor, but so far, I've not had much luck with that. Modern "word processors" focus too much on layout; finding a word processor that didn't focus too much on that would be really good. Writer's approach to this is, in my opinion, pretty good: The writer has sensible defaults and doesn't mess too much with the writing process itself. And they just fixed the spell checker in 2.0 too.

Okay, this rambling officially gets disjointed at one o'clock in the morning; I'm not too good at blogging at small hours. So here's just some random rambling to help this blog get started.