I have an annoying tendency what comes to my projects. I start using version control software too late.

Version control software is my idea of preserving history. And I do care about preserving history! Most people think version control is only good for managing software source code, but I've noted it's very handy for website stuff management and, by extension, very VERY handy for all sorts of text stuff.

It sure is more handy than OpenOffice.org's own revision management system. I just wish Subversion could do diffs on OpenDocument files (no, OO.o's idea of version diffs display isn't good in my opinion)...

Today, I created my Subversion repository for storing my files. My first "subversive" changes were making note of the changes I had to make on the first few stories.

I have this attitude that whatever's published shouldn't be changed - though if it's an article, it could be added to, if it's an artwork, it could always be remade from ground up if it needs to be. But in these stories, I think I made newbieish small mistakes (not sticking with spellings of names, mostly); I just updated the stories at deviantART. Just damage control: Everyone's allowed to have awful newbie stories, but it'd be ridiculous not to fix these small mistakes.

I think it's very fair to record all changes though. The old versions live in my Subversion repository.