It turns out Subversion is highly cool when doing stuff on someone else's computer: Just svn co svn+ssh://host/dir/trunk foo and I have a complete copy of my work, kept in synch with the repository. And also works wonderfully over modem!

Now all I've got to do is to do some work on the stuff...

Doing work elsewhere has other weird sides though. Specifically, I decided it'd be cool to have a pad where I could write things down. I bought a nice A4-size pad from the university store, just that I got a little bit scared about the price of 5 €. I actually needed another pad to write down game notes - and that's what that first pad I bought ended up being used for. I decided to buy another pad later.

So, on the road, I picked up another pad, similar to the one I had bought. A5 size, since that was the biggest they had. Price? Um... 5.40 €.