Tonight's fun Subversion and web-messing operation: Adding the stories to the web! Well, they're now in the Avarthrel web site. The web site itself needs a lot of work: I think I'll need to use Smarty stuff or go for XSLT like I did with some of my furry stuff (sounds pretty likely...) and I definitely need some overview pages. But the stories are there.

What a sorry lot is that, only two and a half stories so far. I really need to write more! I hope I'll find the fudgy-legal WP5.1-DOS-FIN copy from somewhere among the floppies... =) I didn't find that so far, but I found a copy of TEKOPlus instead. Egh. Maybe I need to do Knuths and write a word processor before I really start making this stuff?!

As I updated the page, the page made me to ask myself... why do I write this stuff? The answer is quite simple: I want to write "Traditional Fantasy". That means, I have to pick up some things other people have been using and do something else with it, if I happen to be in that mood! So this is both an excercise in trying to show restraint and creativity, and it's definitely a thing to try to tell me that I absolutely don't need to make everything myself! Um, and also, the bigger thing is, I felt the need to write a little bit of this, too, and now that I've written a little bit of fantasy, I can't control the hunger. I'll stay, I'll write.

One more thing - I'm writing some random bits again on the inter-character relationships (specifically, Facyr and Faira). I'm not sure to what extent that story bit will appear in the next story - I might go on with a bang and add the whole lot. The only thing that makes me itchy is that I am, unashamedly, asking questions about myself that I've been pondering about in real life, writing them through a boring self-insert character Facyr, and gathering the answers in form of a reply. Though, on the other hand - what the heck, I'm probably not the first to do this. At least I admit to doing this. =)

Hmm, and I really need to make a list of Fantasy Authoring Cliches that I absolutely need to do because they actually add quite a lot of spice to the books. Hmm. Creating a D&D setting? A little bit of conlanging? Oh, my, my character naming shows a really, really disturbing lack of aposthrophes. And so on, and so forth...