So what have I accomplished over the last few days? Nothing of substance. Oh, substance all right, but not particularly interesting substance.

Avarthrel web site got absolutely no visible changes. Well, small visible changes, if you take the meaning normally. "Visible" in this case meaning "actually new content". The changes were all under the hood: There site is now based on Smarty templating system, which helps me manage the content's formatting and editability better. Sure as hell made life with the NWN site easier, hope this will make the site updates easier too!

Today, I also wrote a new feature for the site, a small Ruby script that does, wow, comments. Yep, you can now comment on the stories on this site.

Now my greatest problem is producing actually more stuff for the site.

Update: Wow. Just looked at the blog's article history and found someone's been linkspamming shit. I think the fact that I used "an evil SEO corporation" as an example when making the comment script was somewhat... premonitious in nature. =) Hmm, Typo really needs an option to delete comment spam en masse...