The newest story I was working on was 99% finished in Friday. It was picked up this week by a friend who promised to read through it.

This story was in works through the holidays, and made slow progress in the last few months.

What makes it so weird is that I never thought I'd make some arbitrary word limit, like 8000 words. I mean, the previous stories had a good length, right?

And suddenly, when I'm stumbitting it to a friend, I'm looking at a 11000-plus-some word monster.

And distressingly, my memory was as holey as it was: wc -w templeofleetness.txt (the actual file name of Hidden Horrors of Megyntia, incidentally) is 3847 words. Erm, I wonder where I came up with that ludicruous 8000-word limit?

Anyway, I hope to get comments from my friends soon enough; the new story might then be out by next week. I'll probably need to tweak it anyway.