Yup, the next story is almost ready. (Umm, two new stories, in fact. Just some editorial lag, as earlier.) This story was quite interesting that I just sat down and wrote it. Planning helps. =)

Some introspection: The only things that kind of annoy me about the new story are that there's really not that much stuff in it that would rank as fantasy. I also noted that I have very little ability so far to willfully go into conflicts where something is at stake. The protagonists end up being overpowering. I noted the same thing about D&D stuff we did ages ago. I don't make a good DM because there's precious little chance the characters might end up in a situations where they might die.

I'm a wimp. I admit that. I hope to rectify this. I hope the next story I write will be a little bit bigger step toward both of these things.

But the reason I really liked writing this current story was that I noted that I can pick up good ideas that I've been thinking of and turn them into stories. I like writing of questions that interest me. It's a good way to think of things.

Hard to say much else, but I'm happy that there will be more stories in the future.