I've noted that I'm not optimally productive when sitting in front of computer. I'm only optimally productive if I'm sitting in front of computer and have some idea of what I'm doing.

So I'm instead doing idea sessions the Ancient Way. Lying on bed with a notebook at hand. (The famously expensive one I bought before Christmas...)

I'm usually good at coming up with ideas at 2 o'clock in the night before I'm falling asleep. It's just that making sense of the ideas can be somewhat... challenging.


...I suppose that's a good idea if I need to write a fresh-smelling adventure in the woods. But why the heck did I put that exclamation point there? I sometimes wonder...

And what's this weird stuff then?

"Board games: A combination of checkers and mahjongg"

...?? I sometimes remember rather vaguely what the heck I was thinking when I came up with this stuff. I think I was thinking how weird is that a lot of fantasy stuff rips off chess, either by featuring chess as part of story (I'm playing Betrayal at Krondor right now...) or by featuring a thinly-veiled variation.

Okay, so all of the ideas are so far pretty rational. Almost workable, and possibly even good. Don't be surprised to find woodpeckers or checkers-mahjong combinations. =)