The wiki I use internally switched software yet another time. This time, to MediaWiki.

Why? I don't know exactly why I moved from that. SnipSnap worked for its purpose. But there was something about it that made it not quite work right. Maybe the user interface was clumsy. The markup was definitely clumsy, and the categories just weren't neat. SnipSnap was a good software, but maybe it just didn't work for my own work. It had features that I didn't care much about, like the blog thing and mysterious view types. It was a blast from past, working kind of like Everything2.

But regrettably, as an active Wikipedian, I've found MediaWiki the best wiki engine ever. It Just Works.™ and has tons of features that make my life easy.

If it's the zillion-ton gorilla that takes care of one of the most useful and popular websites out there, it has to be good enough for me...

The only bad thing about MediaWiki is that it needs the Satan's own database system, MySQL. I only switched because someone somewhere somewhy rambled about MediaWiki's upcoming support for PostgreSQL. I hate MySQL. Some silly, silly features, and the mysql client is just... not good. Especially if I installed it out of box and there was no help. Grr.

Anyway, I think I may open the wiki to people some time later. It might prove to be interesting. I plan on using CC BY-SA license for the wiki content, and reserve the right to grant myself and people the right to use different license. I plan on relicensing the stories I've written, for example, under CC BY-ND.

On writing: I wrote a character questionnaire yesterday. It seems like a fun way to build some initial material for a character's bio. 100 questions, and now the count rose to 108... I can find out a lot of interesting sides of the character by figuring out the answers to these questions.