Firstly, I found out that Firefox bugged when trying to make a drop cap for the Pirates in the Morning Mist story. Big sigh, twiddling with CSS, and while I was at that, added more ranting on why that story stinks.

Today's big problem was "how the heck do I make printable versions of my stories", for which there was Only One Good Answer, as everyone knows: LaTeX.

So there I went, read the instructions for lettrine, insert text, spend good time twiddling with OpenDocument-to-HTML-to-LaTeX conversion, and...

...drop caps don't work with short lines here either.

Bang-head-on-table time! Okay, if the most advanced typesetter imaginable can't handle this stuff, it's probably better left undone until I figure out something better.

In other news, character wiki rolls forward really good, I still can't think of much good to write about, and oh, and if anyone else wants to beta-read my stories, email me and I might throw an OpenDocument file at you. I just read my last drafts and unlike the first few stories, they don't look that awful. I guess there's hope.