All right. Now that I finally remember it, here's some deeper comments on Shadows Over Nothross.

The story is here in full.

The Title

The title "Shadows Over Nothross" was chosen pretty much on a whim. The original work name was "Secrets of the Elven Fort". I'm not sure why, really, I chose to change the title. I'm not a big fan of titles in general - fantasy genre seems to have completely forgettable titles in general. But it doesn't mean titles should be abolished or anything - I had to pick one title that kind of worked and described the story somewhat. So here's my title. I can't say it's better or worse than the working title though.


Now this is a story that I can say that "grew while telling". I recently skimmed through a story of mine that I wrote 10 years ago. In the original text's introduction, I poked fun at... Harvard Lampoon poking fun at... Tolkien. Uh. Anyway, here's a story that, honestly, "grew while telling". And not really the way my stories usually "grow while telling", that is, I just start writing and more stuff comes up as I go along. This is a story that evolved. Kind of a next step from that.

The original story idea starts from the beginning of Chapter 5. "What's the matter, Facyr?" were the exact first words of this story that I wrote.

Then, I figured out it wouldn't hurt to get some background. Fantasy books are full of travels too. I loved to write some thoughtful stuff too. Um... so I wrote it.

And when I was done, there were 4 chapters before the original start of the story.

So basically, what started as a simple action-packed really really short story of "hey, let's go kill some orcs in an elven fort somewhere", ended up as a story of travels, some more action, and a story of "let's go kill some orcs, etc".


As I rambled earlier in this blog, the stories are (probably trying to be) thoughtful. They are analyses of some current issues I had with myself at the time of writing--though I hope they will not be unreadable because of that. I like writing rambling stuff like this. Sorry.

Timely, too

"This is a work of fiction. Possible resemblance of any of the characters to real people is either purely coincidental or intentionally satirical. But just for the emphasis, this is a work of fiction."

Let's rip more on that Tolkien's introduction to Lord of the Rings. He denied the story had any connections to the conditions the story was formed in. Well, this story has. I admit it. I'm not proud. (And I'm not exactly proud to drag the respected dr. Tolkien to this discussion of my awful story either, but hey, some awful analogies need to be made.)

What I didn't really like is how thinly veiled this thing is. Jaxtomsyn, the antagonist of the story, is a rather transparent version of certain lawyer who hates video games and and gamers. Another character who gets mentioned as a co-conspirator is probably pretty thinly veiled too.

Anyway, I hope this was not too timely; I hope the characters stand out on their own, even when some might be recognised as what they are, a badly thought out satire of some people who seemingly deserve every bit of mud that gets slung their way.

Letting go

This story was being worked on for a really really long time on my scale. At one point, I just had to let go. The story had to escape. I just couldn't bring myself to polish it yet again--I had to contend that now, it's pretty much as good as I can make it without spending really a lot of effort. I could have done that, but the story had already taken a very long time to come. So here it is.

Okay, this wasn't much...

I need to write some more on the story as time goes on. For now, suffice to say that I'm happy of the story in this state; even with its flaws, I hope it's good enough and I hope at least some people will find the story interesting.