I originally wanted to enter Portti magazine 2006 writing competition. However, I wasn't exactly in the best possible mood to write in the summer, not really in the best possible mood to write after the summer, and now, the deadline is behind me. So I didn't enter in the competition. I hope to finish the story when I really feel like it. Best luck to all who did participate, they're probably much better writers than me, anyway!

As for why I've not been writing... well, I don't think I really know. Maybe constant reading through all the junk in Wikipedia's CSD has a harmful effect to one's skills and sense of aesthetics. I've tried to get other stuff to think about, like a couple of books from the library and all that. I hope to get back to the writing track soon again!

And, oh yeah, there's that one story that's still to be reviewed by another beta reader...

[Note, 2008-04-29: I hate scheming in my own bloggery - I have absolutely no idea what story I'm talking about above.]