I'm extremely uninterested to promote my work - my stuff regrettably isn't that good. Someone might read this, for crying out loud. Okay, actually, I kind of hope people would read my stuff, but since I'm kind of unsure, I'd not want to push the stuff to people.

However, I did add Shadows Over Nothross to Common Content, as that seemed to be like an interesting move. Directory of Creative Commons-licenced stuff that nobody probably reads. Wonderful. (And if someone does read Common Content, I hope that picking my most polished story so far won't care people too much. =)

I also noted that no, the only way to get CC stuff properly tagged is to use Ugly Hacks of HTML standard. Web metadata still kind of stinks. =/ My stories on this website now have Creative Commons RDF metadata. Hopefully this will make it a bit more useful and discoverable and all that.

Smallish update: Ugh, new stories on commoncontent says "Added Jul 3rd". I wonder what year? =) Wonder if there's also other directories of creative commons stuff - got to look for some...