Vahthil. Ah'arvhylelfarel'ai halno-uleholyl'y? (Greetings. Do you speak Elvish?)

Yep, conlanging is fun. Over the past few... weeks or so, I've been working on the elvish language. Well, not much has been done, apart of a bit of grammar and sounds. Vocabulary is quite small. I've also worked on something a bit odd, a program to assist me - a dictionary program written in Java. Makes the whole work a lot easier later on.

This has been an eye-opening experience all right. =)

I'd better write a little bit more about this later when I'm more sure of what the heck I'm doing. But so far, I have to say, that making the Obligatory Elvish Language seems to be rather fun and probably far more useful than I imagined. In fact, it quite reminds me of the fun I had years ago, with my first weird artistic language. Wow, this new thing actually has a sane grammar: A bit of old Finnish persevering agglutinativeness, combined with a bit Klingonesque suffixing, somewhat original vocabulary and not at all Klingonesque sounds. I try to not make it as simplistic as Klingon though (not that Klingon's simple grammar is a bad thing at all)...

Oh, and I tried to draw some letters, too. Hope these will look like something.