Yet another interesting revelation about my prose:

I've been writing a new story. This one has completely different characters, and that's been challenging. However, I noted some easy similarities with this story and my earlier ones - which is why I need to change this new story to be a little bit less like my earlier ones.

Basically, the problem is this: My characters tend to be rather... how could I put it... typical. Basically, the protagonists are there to carry us from scene to scene. The primary motivation of the lead character is to test out something, which obviously is a good way to get a motivation for the story - hey, many good fantasy stories are all about those spooky old legends and people who work to uncover the real truth behind them. Then there's other characters who tend to be there just to comment dryly on the situation.

Basically, I noticed I was rewriting Bidding for a Good Day. In that story, there's Faira and her tendency to get in her head that a good old-fashioned weirdness has to be unraveled. Then there's Lex, who's just there for fun. And... um, in this new story we had a female lead who didn't tell the male lead that hey, there's this mysterious old tale that has to be figured out at last.

So I needed to start thinking of the motivations a little bit. Oops, I almost ran into the trap of making some carbon-copy characters - or wrote a story that's basically repeat of some other story I wrote, with a little bit different milieu and wayyy different end results. I guess I have to think of a little bit what to put there.

But otherwise, this story was going to be interesting and with these small revelations, I hope it will get really interesting, actually.