Earlier today I posted the story Karnevaalisudet to Harhakuva. It appears to me that Aukea.net, the long-established site that I found over year ago and posted two stories to in Finnish, is has went kaboom, and the latest rumour says it will never come back...

Anyway, Karnevaalisudet (The Carnival Wolves) is a rather odd story. I got this weird idea late last month and today, I got the story finished. I actually aimed at 2000 words and it turned out to be around 2500 words. Um... well, at least it's done now.

It's a short, yet equally strange tale! And above all, I hope it's cute.

There's two great new tools I've got now (okay, actually, the latter of them is old): First of all, I have Voikko, so I can actually spellcheck the stories I write in Finnish. Secondly, I tried using Suopuhe to check the story. I have used Festival previously with English, and it was a success. It's amazing how you can spot tons of annoying mistakes when the story is just read to you! Also, the female Finnish voice of Suopuhe (voice_suo_fi_lj_diphone) is extremely clear too, even better than some of the English voices.

Ooo! When I translate this thing to English, I'll get to check this with Festival! Festival wolves... melts with cuteness::