Wow! It's been a while since I posted anything, so I guess it'd be a good time to post something.

Basically, the situation is this:

  • I have good plans for some of the stories. I guess I may have a ready-made story up in a week or two if I really want to.
  • The novel project is actually progressing a little bit. Surprising, huh?
  • I used to have a second MediaWiki install for organising my stories. Regrettably, MediaWiki is not really the best choice if you want multiple wikis and some of them don't need the complexity or performance. I now use MoinMoin for my notes.
  • Maybe wiki isn't the best way to organise this stuff after all? Maybe the mythical outliner software sucks too? Maybe word processors just suck unconditionally? I have little ideas on still where to get a word processor that's not meant for TPS reports.
  • I have to rethink my translation strategy. I think it shows that the stories I've translated from Finnish to English or English to Finnish are translations. Clumsy ones too.
  • The website has been Severely Updated - at least under the hood! I decided I won't move away from Smarty after all - the code may be surprisingly crappy, but at least it does exactly what I think it does. It's not pretty but it works. I can make it prettier. I swear.
  • I still haven't got around to putting the Finnish editions of the stories to the website. Now, the two stories in Aukea are still pretty much dead. Hmm...