I was away from my computer for a summer. Version control software makes working with stuff very easy; all I need to do is to pull out a copy and work away.

Before I went to the holidays, I converted two Avarthrel-related repositories from Subversion to Darcs - the main text repository, and the conlang dictionary program Conman's Dictionary repository.

Which was just good. The ISP in Oulu rattled the lines so my computer was off the net for a few weeks. Yay. Having an "offline copy" of the entire repository made work easier.

Distributed version control is very much fun. It made development of Conman's Dictionary very easy. It also made writing stories very easy, even when the size of the repository ballooned. (Darcs, reportedly, isn't as good with binaries as Subversion.)

Both pieces of software rule. Darcs is fun - so far...