Just a short cheerful comment.

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking of scrapping OpenDocument as my primary editing format. You see, the big problem with ODF is that it's still largely a presentation format. It doesn't really support my workflow. It basically gives me "moron's tools for workflow": I have a character style that changes the text colour that says that some passage of text "has to be rewritten" or that the passage of text is "a note to self". It doesn't force the text to be interpreted anyway, it just changes the colour.

I was thinking of making an XML format that would specifically deal with this. Just the XML tags I need for the purposes I need.

However, it seems that ODF 1.2 will address metadata. I look forward to the day when you can actually mark a section of text in OpenOffice.org and say "this is a note to self" or "this has to be rewritten", and the processing tools will understand exactly what that means: Rather than using some hacked-up scheme ("The text that is styled 'notes to self' is special, and shall not actually be printed, or included in word count") we use clear and rational scheme ("Sections marked 'Notes to self' shall not be printed or included in word count").