I really need an editor.

I have this obsession about not touching anything that is already published: Established facts in the fiction become established because they don't get changed. Yet, I've had to touch a few of my stories lately retroactively.

And then, I see that I don't really know a whole lot about fiction writing yet. I really, really need more practice. The truth is, I make mistakes that in retrospect seem completely amateurish, but I just couldn't see at the time; I'd really need someone else to look at my texts to see if there's actual big or small problems. When rereading the same stuff for the thousandth time, my eyes bump right over the obvious flaws.

I still find a ton of stuff from my writing that I'm very very concerned about. Not to spoil anything (not that I encourage anyone to find out about the mystery), but I had to change some word usages in already published stuff yesterday and today. Reason? English isn't a logical language. =)

Anyway, I still have high hopes. I just hope everyone realises that this stuff is, in the most emphatical sense imaginable, written by an amateur. =)