The first Avarthrel game that I know of is called A Tale of a Missing Ball. It was a short text adventure / interactive fiction game that I made when getting some grips of Inform 7 interactive fiction authoring system.

Creating the game has been a fascinating experience. Inform 7 is probably right up there with Ruby among the “programming languages that are actually fun to develop stuff with”. I may make Release 2 later on, just to make the game a bit more interesting and better written; now, I just wanted to let it go for a while and, maybe, let people say what they want about it.

The irony is, I can play the game in the GNOME Inform 7 development system, but damn if there’s an actually working interpreter out there that works in Linux - the game is in blorbed Glulx format, and as such, finding an actually working interpreter is hard and building it from source is damn near impossible. And I’m not running open source software through Wine if there’s allegations flying around that there might be a piece of software that actually, like, works.