When I first started the internal wiki, it used Instiki, which had one good feature at the time: The whole wiki could be exported to HTML or Textile format with a few clicks. Good, because an upgrade broke the thing.

I’d definitely want to produce a static version of the wiki for the Avarthrel website one day… but right now, I’m looking at various MediaWiki dumping tools, and I seem to be - somehow - not getting anywhere. The obvious choice would be the Collection extension, but it doesn’t seem to work too well for me (I’m getting some weird database errors - people, all the world isn’t MySQL…)

But just how hard can it be to produce one stinking HTML dump from a website?

Okay - I seem to be making progress. I found DumpHTML. There is hope! Perhaps one day, you’ll get a static copy of the site!

% php5 dumpHTML.php 
DB connection error: No database connection
zsh: segmentation fault  php5 dumpHTML.php

Never before in my illustrious programming life have I experienced PHP interpreter segfault. Oh well, maybe there’s a way to get this thing to work…