I’ve got a small problem in creating the website for Avarthrel, and it seems that I have to give up finding a boxed solution for it. I probably sound like a broken record when I ramble about this, but the thing is, I have to give up, admit that the quest is hopeless, and just write the whole darn thing myself when I have time. It’s a lot of work, and until it’s finished the site will look like junk, but there seems to be no other, elegant way.

Basically, updating the website isn’t exactly easy as it stands. I have a very specific set of requirements: either use static source files (to allow Subversion revisioning) or built-in versioning, allow arbitrary HTML snippets in more or less curious places some systems just don’t anticipate (for forms, random links in sidebar, etc), support metadata for source documents, etc, etc… some are so-close-yet-so-far (Apache Lenya is a good system, but making it do what I want as far as custom outlook goes needs a lot of work, and as far 2.0 goes, creating static HTML output means hand-tidying up a dump from wget, it seems), some others just sound like they’d be repeat of what I did here.

So, I’ll just scrap the idea of rebuilding the site in some neat software package and do it myself. I have to focus on the content and rebuild some of the ugliest parts of this site’s infrastructure… One day, we may even have subdirectories and stuff!