Failure to communicate, part 1: I just re-re-re-etc-submitted The Sweet Side of Death to Elfwood - okay, so I was not reading all of the instructions regarding image credits. I hope the thing will be published there, too, one day. I really do.

Failure to communicate, part 2: Tested the Avarthrel website in Opera, seems to be fine. Tested it in Midori (webkit-based browser), seems good. Yet: Tested it in proto-ancient version of Safari and lo! it blew up. Tested it in Internet Explorer 6 and words fail me. CSS sure is hard! I have no idea how the website works in IE7, but I sure hope it does better than it does in IE6. Regrettably, I’m not able to test the site too well in IE7 and I don’t have the energy or inclination to make any hacks to support the bloody thing either. I can only really test it actively on Iceweasel/Firefox anyway… so here we go, I just went and added a Firefox download button on the page. =)