Okay, within the last few weeks, I came to a conclusion: a) while dog-old Safari version at the university boxes messes up the Avarthrel site rendering pretty badly, the new versions of webkit don’t mess it up at all, so I have hope. b) I was under the impression that MSIE 7 was supposed to fix all bloody awful buggy CSS rendering crap, but no, it doesn’t. God. Damn. It. If the CSS validator says I’m good to go, and the site looks just fine on the browsers I use, you would expect it to work perfectly in most recent versions of all major browsers, right? RIGHT? It’s 2008, Microsoft! Goddamn it.

Okay, I’m all better now.

So, I just decided I’ll try to support those browsers I have at hand, and the easiest fix to the rendering bugs is that I’ll just refuse to serve any stylesheet at all to MSIE. I could tolerate buggy rendering in past, but better to have an ugly site than badly messed up site that you can’t read at all due to various funky box rendering issues. I wish I had the time, energy and resources to debug the styles, I really do…