Well, I upgraded MTOS, so while I’m staring at the dashboard, I thought I’d fire up a small status report:

<ul><li>I’ve actually tried to write some stuff. My laptop isn’t very helpful at the moment (WLAN driver appears to be busted right now) but new stuff should be forthcoming. One of the big bits of motivation in last few days was that I tried playing The Tears of St. Lucia. I need some intellectual stimulation and all that. =)
</li><li>I know, I said that I wouldn’t touch the site code and I would just learn to live with my messy website. The thing is, the MSIE failure made me redesign the whole thing, and base the new website on something a little better than tons of mysterious Smarty templating. The new site will be built on webgen, and thanks to my friend’s nice help in testing this, it should go live soon. More on the redesign when the thing actually goes live.