I was kind of inspired to do a small update to the website today after reading Slashdot story about Scridb folks opening an e-book sales channel. (Won’t affect me - first, my stories are under Creative Commons licenses and shall remain so; second, if I want my stuff published through commercial channels I expect some sort of editorial gatekeeping to go with it; third, the bloody thing is only available on US at the moment anyway).

The Avarthrel tales have been on Scribd for a while now. I’ve had a couple of reads, it seems, though not too many since the initial publication. Not exactly a rousing success, and not really all that much bigger than my success in deviantART or Elfwood so far. Not that I’d be complaining - any reads are good reads =) I guess I just need to write more.

Though, I have to say the whole premise of Scribd is a little bit weird. I uploaded mostly textual PDFs, which get read through this weird Flash-based PDF reader. This, on the Web. You know, the famed text-based medium. We’ll see how this thing pans out. I’m actually more looking forward to publishing comics this way, one day; deviantART doesn’t handle multi-page things too well, for example.

Anyway, I now put a random link to my scribd page to the Avarthrel web site sidebar.

…I guess I had to just say something to fill the void. It’s not like there’s been a lot of things happening in Avarthrel development lately, but at least there has been some slow progress. I’ll probably post more about my (non-)experiences with Celtx soon.