I have a bunch of stories in the making, and I really really really need to just stop and make some sense of this whole big mess I’m in. I’m in danger of stagnation. I’ve tried to break the habit by writing a lot of stuff completely unrelated to Avarthrel… and it has helped somewhat. I think I’ll get a few stories done this summer! Life is good again!

I really need to get the stories going. Some might say that writing stories is about going to a new unexplored and uncharted territory, but my problem is, I’m already in the uncharted territory and I bloody well should have made a map of this incident.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a drawing of mine that I finished today, incidentally also about heading to uncharted territory - Quirierle hunting an unspecified monster. Also testing deviantART embedding…

Okay, where the hells are you? by ~wwwwolf on deviantART