I have no idea what I was thinking, but it seems that I have started writing and drawing a webcomic. So, the first Avarthrel web comic is Kara the Assassin, or Karaydhjenna Bourejenn’s most preposterous exploits for the glory of Carriglena & provocation of Thoughts. I was supposed to finish first short story featuring Kara a long time ago, but I was slacking off. But I think webcomics is a good medium for assassination fantasy fiction.

Speaking of slacking off, most of the slacking off has been caused by the fact that I’ve not been able to work efficiently with half of my stuff in LaTeX files and half of it in OpenDocument. Luckily, this has all been fixed now: I got a slightly beefier used laptop which can run OpenOffice.org just fine. (It also incidentally runs Windows XP, and the hard drive is too small for me to cram Ubuntu on it too…) I hope I’ll be able to finish this giant bunch of unfinished stories soon!