In Sunday, I finally finished “Once it’s rolling…”, a story that has been in works for a while. You can find it here in Avarthrel website, in deviantART and Scribd. Soon, hopefully, also in Elfwood.

This story has been in works quite a while. It started off as a story for my planned Flash-Fiction-a-Day 2 effort. Turns out the story just kept growing and keeping it in “flash fiction” size was not going to cut it. Some other stories also showed similar potential for hugeness, and one story ended up as a part in another story.

This is also a testament to the fact that next time I get the bright idea to improve my process and rebuild it from ground up, I think I’ll reconsider it. This story was produced in relatively short amount of work, using plain old Writer. My hacked and patched-up LaTeX workflow just wasn’t good enough: Writer, despite of its deficiencies as far as process goes, is actually pretty good as a word processor. I just need to figure out a way that would convert the OpenDocument file into clean HTML, then into weird hacked-up sorta-kinda-HTML some of the websites use, then into Markdown for my own website, and finally to LaTeX for PDFs. I’ll have to hack together some XSLT when and if my head can take it.

Also, good news on the story front: I discovered “memoir” LaTeX document format, which produces some awesome results in fiction front, and I don’t need to knife the “article” document format that much any more. Also, I figured out why TeX wasn’t producing PDF metadata (it should be done via hyperref parameters) and how to use XeTeX for maximal frigging font-related awesomeness. Please see Scribd or the PDF version of the story on the website to see what it looks like. I’ll probably re-do the rest of the stories using this document format when I’ll get the chance.

The only big problem with this thing is that you can literally spend hours getting the output just right, hence such a late blog post…