…which should be easy if no one’s reading this. Well, I’m sure someone is. Maybe.

The only thing that annoys me about writing is that I’ve written these Avarthrel stories and stuff since 2005… and I’ve gotten about two or three brief unsolicited comments on how the heck am I doing. The people whom I’ve asked comments from have usually only pointed out technical problems and given broad overview of “yeah, you’re definitely going in the right direction with this thing”.

So here I am, suffering from seasonal depression, drinking coffee at 23:01 and whining in a blog about how lonesome I feel. …see? see? When I put it like that I start to smile right away.

I think I should just use this time for my advantage and tell what I really am looking in feedback. I’ve so far electred not to post some of my stuff to absolutewrite.com, even though I read the boards from time to time and sometimes even post there. That’s because the share-your-work forum seems to be for people who revise stories. I don’t really look for that sort of feedback. I’m looking for post-mortems.

Yeah, of course it’d be helpful to get feedback while the story isn’t done, but I usually tend to only torment my friends with these things. And I usually don’t ask opinions from many people anyway. It’s hard for people to read the story many times and even more so to give helpful feedback while the story is not completely developed. Hmm… come to think of it, there’s at least one story that’s still not done because one of my friends never sent back the critique and the story sort of fizzled. sigh

So, from most of the people who stumble upon this text on their own, I’d appreciate post-mortems. What went right, what went wrong. No need to use fancy words. Just list big things that went right and big things that went wrong. Little details that worked, little details that shouldn’t have been done. And definitely make them post-mortems in the sense of “focusing on what went wrong”.

And extensive gigantic missives aren’t required by all means. If you read my stories and spot anything wrong, just hit me. I like to critique people’s YouTube videos by posting something along the lines of “x:xx - this reminds me…” - and with 500 character limit, YouTube won’t let me write giant long bits of feedback. So even bite-size comments are fine. It works, or at least I think it works: People can look at the specific part of the video and see what I’m commenting on. This should be even easier in text. Most of the critique I get from my friends are already as notes in word processing files or scrawlings in margins. If you post in the comment forms, I can usually find the place if you just hint where the problem is.

So this is my nightly whine - a bit of a plea to encourage people to comment more and what I’m looking for.