(…or, as far as subtitles go, “a lonesome geek posts stuff that doesn’t exactly demolish all of those stereotypes” or perhaps “I just had to post it, okay?”)

Yesterday, I posted here a plea for feedback, addressed in general to my well-hidden and sporadic crowd of readers.

Today, come what may, I’m asking a question that has been bugging me for a while. I’m asking for opinions about my stories from female readers. I want to write fiction that’s accessible and comprehensible for all kinds of people, say, young adults upwards. (As the sufficiently self-critical author of the stories, I just can’t imagine anyone’s enjoying these stories really all that much, so I’m shy of advertising them as “enjoyable” in addition to those traits. But I do hope they’re enjoyable too.) It’s hard to get a comprehensive picture when most of my friends, the regular commenters, are all male. The only female reader who has commented on multiple stories of mine is my sister, and a) she hasn’t commented on my recent works at all, so I have no idea how I’m faring now, and b) a group of one is hardly a statistically representative sample. She, along with the few other gentle passing-by ladies who decided to comment on the stories, appeared to like them though. I’m just curious about the rest of them.

In yesterday’s post, I failed to list which of my stories I want feedback to right now. Only to the latest of the stories, because they haven’t really been read and commented by so many people. And by latest, I mean the one with the rainy day, the strange religious contemplation, a bit of war and the eternal mysteries of the society - perhaps even that one bit with the odd animals, but I know it was not technically a superb story. Also, I’m curious about the webcomic. I don’t really know what else to say in this request, save of what I already outlined in yesterday’s request. I’m just curious about what works here, and what doesn’t; good sides, bad sides, what went right, what went wrong, what’s to love, what’s to hate.

So, that’s my request, and when I read through it again, it didn’t quite read like as weird as I thought it would look like, so I guess I’ll just go ahead and post it now. (I feel so much better when I’ve got these odd questions out! Maybe I’ll post better blog posts tomorrow!)