I decided to write a small situation report, because there are actually situations that need reporting about. Without further ado, some inconvenient bullet points:

<ul><li>My laptop was out of commission for a while (I just started it up last week and - whoops! - turned out it works perfectly after all). I wasn’t writing stuff. I am now.</li><li>I’m… pretty much doing the same stuff as before, what comes to the stories. These things sometimes take a long time to materialise, dammit…
</li><li>Kara the Assassin is doing fine! I’m now in middle of the first “serious interlude” in the comic. I’m trying to organise the comic in yearly volumes so that every yearly volume has one such longer serious interlude of maybe 4-5 pages. This particular interlude is, um, the Epic Character Background Thingie Comic.</li><li>I’m also sort of in process of tweaking the PDFs. I figured out a way to include full-page cover art in XeLaTeX (tip: look up “pdfpages”), so I can do the covers in Inkscape and do the rest of the typesetting in LaTeX. Now I just need the bloody cover art.
</li></ul>The biggest news:

I’m currently in some sort of really weird rage mode. I need to work on Conman’s Dictionary. If you want to see the code, it was just migrated to Gitorious.org today. I need to put out a working 1.0 release soon. Why? Because I was inspired to write sarcastic and pretty stupid advertisement for the web site for the occasion - it’ll be there when the biggest features I want will be in the software and I iron out the wrinkles and actually release the version 1.0. Sometimes, the strangest things motivate me to do things.