A little note:

I’ve stalled it in previous years, but this year, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, dammit. Here’s my participant page, in case you’re interested.

I’m doing fine. 8 days out of 30 behind. 18,038 words out of 50,000 done - that’s over one third, which jives pretty well with the fact that I’m getting close to done on the first act/part of the novel. I’m apparently slightly ahead of the nominal schedule.Yayyy.

NaNoWriMo is turning out to be slightly challenging. One of the reasons is that I’m decidedly not writing an Avarthrel tale; this is a military science fiction novel that is set on 27th-century Earth. It’s also challenging because it’s based on Arthurian legends (and mating King Arthur with science fiction was actually inspired by this fine entry in Good Show Sir) and I don’t know that much about Arthurian tales, so it’s a little bit of a research problem too.

But the biggest problem is simply this: it takes me months to get a 8000-word short story done. When I started writing Avarthrel tales, I started writing a novel, quickly figured “gee, this is really damn difficult, isn’t it?” and decided to stick to short stories until I get the milieu properly figured out. Getting “Shadows Over Nothross” done was probably my biggest literary achievement so far, editing that tale took a whole spring and in retrospect, that tale probably had a wide variety of problems stemming from the lack of planning. And it’s only 22,000 words.

Now I’m looking at the effort of writing a 50,000-word novel. In a world based on real world, on a genre I really love as a reader, but haven’t yet written anything significant in that genre. And I’m looking at the word counter that says 18,038 and I’m thinking “bloody hell, that word count algorithm is probably buggy. I probably use too many dashes. Yeeeeeeeah, that’s probably pretty damn endemic in my writing.”
And I’m also thinking “Damn it, I can finish this.”
And I’m also thinking that every time I ramble about this project to anyone at all outside, it commits me harder to this project.
Now I absolutely, positively have to finish this project, come hell or high water.

In other news, the Avarthrel tales that were slightly late to begin with will be slightly more late, due to NaNoWriMo. As if that would come as a surprise. =)

Back to writing!