The project I’ve been working on lately is titled “Death Whispers in the Wind”. I haven’t really talked about it a lot in the blogs, but I’ve talked with my friends and some forum folks. While you’re waiting, here’s a fascinating GIMP tutorial that gives some hints on the premise.

Confession time. I have to say it aloud: this latest story of mine is becoming a little bit personal.

I’m somehow convinced that I need to get this bloody story done. It’s been cooking for quite a while now.

I honestly can’t believe my frigging eyes when I look at the git log. The file history starts at January 15, 2011.

What the heck was I doing back then? Why the heck has a story been cooking this long?

I appear to have sent the story for comments in June 2 in Reddit.

“You used 10k words to write a 3k word story. Cut, cut, cut.”

Yes, I went back to the drawing board. People told me that rewriting some scenes might make the story more compact. I tried out rewriting some scenes. Yes, the stuff worked considerably better, and it took less words.

But I needed some more scenes. You know, thinks don’t work quite as well if I don’t expound on some other interesting details.

So my “3k word story” is now at 22k words.

I guess this teaches the lesson to people to never send be back to the drawing board. Or something. =)

But I think it’s starting to get more justified. I wrote a novella years ago and it was about the same size as the story is now, and it was nowhere near as complex. I guess I’ve managed to pack some more stuff in the same word count.

The writing process has been quite exhausting. For the first time in a long while, I’ve really felt that I need to get this stuff done. I’m pretty certain the story won’t balloon over 25k words and I’m actually able to edit it down a little bit.

I’ve had to talk with my friends about the story and some little details. Tiny changes that have big implications but I just can’t let loose of them. It’s incredible how many things I need to decide to get the story working properly.

There’s so many chapters in the story that still need to be bent to the shape and stuff that needs to be fixed. There’s some pretty big spots that have to be explained.

The whole task is completely frigging hopeless. I have a giant ball of text at my hands and it just isn’t getting any better. I’ve poured so many ideas that I care about to the text, and I feel somewhat… stung when the story just looks like it should be scrapped and forgotten about.

It’s never going to get fixed.

But that’s what they said about other novels.

Good grief. The friends I talked to seem to have the opinion that it’s actually getting a little bit better.

I survived through Nano, which looked like a hopeless ordeal. Dammit, this isn’t any worse. And the story makes more sense to boot.

Oh, the story is going to get fixed. I just don’t know when, or how. I know I’m a little bit stressed about the project, but at the same time, it’s refreshing to have a project that I genuinely care about.

I hope I can get out of the disaster zone one day.