And my super-secret project is alive! It’s alive! Muahahaha!

…okay, it’s ugly and all the settings are probably wrong, but it’s alive! Muahahahahaaa!

Seriously, though, I’ve been toying with the idea of setting aside a dedicated domain for Avarthrel stuff — and now that idea has come reality. The main website went alive earlier this week. Today I managed to get Movable Type 5 running and imported my old blog stuff — styling, assets, redirects, and other such stuff will have to wait ‘til tomorrow. (…so Movable Type 5 does run on SQLite too? I’m running on MySQL now, so this is a bit moot, but still…) I couldn’t get MoinMoin up yet, but since this thing appears to run CGI scripts just fine, it’s probably not an insurmountable problem. Or, I just might be crazy enough to import the stuff back into MediaWiki. =)

Anyway, it’s nice to have Avarthrel on its own domain, and there’s going to be tons of awesomeness here in the future — you can just tell!