Hey ho! This entry was totally written in Movable Type Open Source 5.

Wait, what?

I don’t even remember how many different blogwares I’ve used for my blogs in beastwithin.org.

I was sort of forced to act. Basically, Melody development came to a sudden and completely unannounced halt. Their website just disappeared at the beginning of 2012 or so, and while the project still exists in github, there’s not been too many commits from the official contributors. They left the folks sort of hanging.

I recently moved the Avarthrel Blog to avarthrel.org. I decided to use Movable Type 5 for the platform, and I noticed one rather peculaiar fact: MT5 does support SQLite out of box.

And today, I decided to just see if Melody could be transparently upgraded to MT5. All I needed was a complete rebuilding of extraneous stuff (say goodbye to my templates yet again), and moving over my settings file.

Oop. No errors. MT5 works just fine.

So here I am, back using a blogware that actually works. And it’s pretty nice, too - I definitely like the MT5 dashboard more than Melody’s.