Disqus is a service that makes commenting kind of easier.

And also kind of harder.

It’s not like there’s tons of debate going on about my works and these blog posts, but I thought that having some kind of a comment script up and running would make things easier. Disqus has a centralised login system, and all you need to use it is a bit of JavaScript. And there’s official plugins for major content management systems, too!

I don’t really need Disqus on the blog site. Still - what harm can it do?

Fascinatingly enough, it seems to me that Movable Type plugin (v2.02) for Disqus doesn’t really work that well on Movable Type 5.12. The plugin was last updated in February 2011, so there may have been small changes to both MT and Disqus itself. Comment import seems to not be working too well. Comment counting JavaScript blew up in hilarious ways.

It’s a bit funny that the official Disqus plugin for Movable Type doesn’t work that well, while the unofficial Drupal plugin works like a charm.

So I kind of struck middle ground here. You can comment on the blog using both Disqus and native MovableType OpenID commenting. Disqus is easier if you have a Disqus account, in all likelihood.