This is just a small bit of babbling inspired by a news story and some of my recent experiences in writing.

I felt a little bit weird when I returned to one of my long-going writing projects this week. The novella Death Whispers in the Wind which I’ve been writing for years now is shaping up nicely.

I really was happy to return to working on it after a pause.

So, obviously, I was not surprised by this bit of news: Young People More Inclined To Choose Social Media Over Sex.

I have to say one thing, and I have to say it without any apology: they’re damn right to think that social media is better than sex. It’s just another form of social interaction. There shouldn’t be any reason to be surprised of these results or even doubt them.

And I think that writing, quite honestly, serves similar psychological need for me. This novella I’ve been working on has become an incredibly personal project. I need to get it done. I want to share a tale with the world.

It’s not just social media that can have this effect on people. I believe writing and telling tales is one of the greatest forms of social interaction ever devised.

I recently wrote another blog post in a personal blog where I analysed a little bit of my identity as a narrator. I’m a narrator who is interacting with the world. I’m crafting this story because I want to convey all these feelings and ideas to the world at large.

I know it’s not the same thing as sex, technically speaking. But there’s the same sense of intimacy, the same caring, and most importantly the same need to give other people some interesting experiences. When you break things to their components, you start to see that some things are actually quite similar to the others. Computer scientists call it “duck typing”. It’s not sex, but it sure acts like it. =)

In summary: I’m happy to work on this story again after a pause and damn if I can’t finish this one day.