Well this sucked.

I wrote earlier on how Disqus’s Movable Type module breaks things beyond all recognition. I had to do some hand hacking to get the module not mess everything up.

Today, I decided, pretty easily, that I definitely will store all comments locally afterall. Even if that means a little bit more of hassle in my end. So I’ve exported Disqus comments to my end (ended up with a mysterious XML file), closed the site, and removed the forms.


At some point, Disqus started injecting Google Analytics and ScoreCardResearch scripts to my pages.

Now, I don’t have anything specifically against Google Analytics. I don’t know much about ScoreCardResearch, so I’ve noscripted the shit out of them for a long time. Seems like they’re some kind of a market research outfit. Still, if you have to do market research, fine, I guess.

But if some third party decides to unilaterally foist third-party services on unsuspecting users, that’s not very fun.

I do my own web analytics locally using Piwik. I needed Disqus for commenting functionality. If that commenting functionality comes with some other unrequested services, that’s not particularly rousing. Like, oh, third-party analytics that I don’t get to see, which only benefit Disqus. Also, I had specifically listed only Disqus as a third-party application in my privacy policy, and implied I had used Google Analytics for my own use, which was outdated information anyway. I’m not using Google Analytics anymore. People should be dubious when that happens, or at least ask.

Besides, Disqus wasn’t that useful. Most of the random commenters that came that-a-way were particularly dedicated spammers. The ability to get a few comments every year is vastly outweighed by some random third party doing analytics on the site all the time.

So Disqus is gone from this site. I now have the capability to do local commenting using Drupal and Movable Type, so it’s about darn time I start implementing it!