After a bit of fiddling, I’ve managed to migrate Avarthrel blog to a new platform.

That being Drupal, the platform I’m using for everything else.

I like Movable Type as a blogging platform a lot, but I think Drupal is going to be a better choice since the rest of the site is running it and I can just integrate my writing efforts to the same place. This will mean increased consistency, I hope.

What’s still left is some minor redirection issues, since the permalinks are kinda funny now. =)

Edit, 2013-03-12 16:08: Hah! A little bit of twiddling, and now my Avarthrel Blog stuff has been properly redirected (even with funny permalinks and all), and the front page blog thing has been properly scrutinised too. Fantastic! I’m looking forward to further blogging adventures in the wonderful world of Drupal.