Okay, now that the blog has been moved and some *ahem* actual work should be ensuing, I should probably explain a little bit of what’s been cooking on.

…for the past year or so.

Yep, things have been a bit slow.

The current big project is still [[nid:6 Death Whispers in the Wind]]. In the beginning of the year I got a laser printer, which will no doubt make manuscript revisions easier. It’s easier to write notes on margins, go through the rubbish page by page, and make all sorts of interesting amendments to the story. I also managed to figure out some of the unusual features of LaTeX and discovered Sffms, which is allows me to produce significantly neater manuscripts for this manual revision process. My work process involving org-mode has grown ever onward.
My NaNoWriMo 2012 project, [[nid:105 Staring in the Void of Patience]], is unfortunately still pretty much in the ice.

Here’s the annoying thing, though: Death Whispers in the Wind is just ballooning in size. It’s not a bad thing, or at least none of the people who have read the manuscript seem to think it’s a bad thing. At the moment, the manuscript is at 31416 words and it’s going to get bigger. My revised plan of the time was that I should release DWIW as a novella that is part of a short story collection – the catch in this scenario, of course, is that the other stories need to be written.

DWIW introduces the readers to [[awiki:Auria Gustawynde Auria Gustawynde]], one of the protagonists of SITVOP. And the other of these planned stories was supposed to serve as an introduction of one of the side characters of SITVOP, [[awiki:Kaciathenna Oryenn Kacia of Marrow]]. There’s been piles and piles and piles of interesting character notes going on behind the scenes, and I guess that’s been somewhat rewarding.

Based on this realisation, one of the weird plans I hatched would be to just mash all of this stuff together. But I think that would take way too much work, and most importantly, I think it’s easier for both the readers and me to treat these stories as separate from one another. Never fear about this.

Now, all I need to do is to go through this murderously huge pile of margin scribblings…