[[awiki:Main Page Avarthrel Encyclopædia]] - or Avarthrel Wiki, as it’s internally often called - now has Design Notes live again.

Well, technically, they always were live. They were implemented in the previous MediaWiki incarnation of the wiki, moved over to MoinMoin, and now they’re back in MediaWiki.

What’s remarkable is that now they’re actually readily accessible through a design note tab, just like in the previous MediaWiki installation. The tab just didn’t exist in the new version, because the arrival of Vector theme had meant that there had been a serious overhaul of all of the under-the-hood stuff in MediaWiki theme engine. The things have changed. I had needed to mess up a bit to get the old extension working properly. As an added bonus, the extension also hides useless Talk and Design Notes tabs when anonymous visitors cannot create such pages anyway. If the page exists, it can be easily viewed, however.

All of the design notes so far can be found in allpages. There’s really not that much of it, but I suppose I will be writing more as time goes by.