You wouldn't believe it, but every 10 years or so, I randomly stumble onto some people who make fun of my old art. This is really puzzling, because it should be easily apparent that my old art is bloody terrible compared to my new artwork, which is merely shiver-inducingly bad. I'm not a professional artist by any means.

Most people just shrug and move on, but these people, for reasons totally unknown to me, just tend to share the pain among themselves. Like this one forum in the interwebs.

Hello! I managed to finally look at the thread you posted examples of my art in at Facepunch. Since I'm not a member of that particular forum and you only had YouTube listed as a contact, I'm contacting you this way. Hope you don't mind. For the sake of open communication, I am also posting this entry to my blog, so please consider this an open letter.

Now, I'm well aware that I'm not a particularly good visual artist, to put it mildly. I'm a little better at writing stuff. I've always tried to get better at drawing things, and a few of the pieces of stuff that you posted were put in deviantART scraps section for a good reason, which at this point requires little elaboration.

However, I'm always willing to improve my stuff. Honestly! If you, or members of your fine community, have serious criticisms that would actually help things, please do share them with me at earliest opportunity.

In fact, one of the big problems I have with my attempts at visual art (or, heck, all art) is that people either bloody hate it or find it quite passable enough, without ever really describing the bad sides.

Judging from the thread, you seem to have done a good job at going through my deviantART archives for reasons I can't possibly fathom. If my current drawings are admittedly terrible, it would be logical that that my decades-old drawings are probably excruciatingly horrible. I believe I am a filthy sinner for even having those terrible drawings still available for public consumption, but I simply have no idea why some people willingly go there to subject themselves to that kind of agony... or worse yet, go forth and share their findings to other people. Yes, sharing the pain can be therapeutic, but considering the potential levels of pain inflicted in this particular case, there are limits to everything. Just saying.

And I know, I know, some of the drawings are really horrible. Frankly, some of the drawings I made were mostly just made for my circle of friends, who have generally been quite supportive of my attempts. I'm so sorry that my attempts at making art have caused unnecessary pain for people who stumble on them on (say) deviantART search results, though.

I guess what it comes down is that my terrible artwork is shared in hopes that there's something interesting in it. Not that it'd be bloody brilliant. It's obviously not.

Rest assured, however, that I'm always willing to improve my craft. As said, if you do have serious suggestions for improvement, I'm always happy to hear them.

The best of all to you and to your fine community,
- WWWWolf

(PS. Is "what tablet u use" some kind of a fancy modern-timey meme your fine community uses? It has been going on a lot. I've had to give honest answers, of course, though the ultimate truth (as can easily be seen in the drawings) is that no matter how good tablet I have, my skills only improving really slowly. Equipment doth not an artist make. But I do like Wacom products for their extreme reliability. The previous tablet of mine was in service for over 10 years!)

No, I'm not expecting proper critique to turn up. It's not like I've ever gotten any serious critique from these kind of people ever, and I'm not terribly surprised if nothing interesting turns up now either.

Of course they're entitled to laugh at my terrible drawings, though.

But if I won't get any serious commentary this time either, I consider this particular forum stuff settled. These kind of people just randomly appear every now and then. Meanwhile, I just prefer to listen to people who actually have something fascinating to say.

It does raise a lot of interesting questions, though. Will be getting to them in the further posts.