Here’s a recap of stuff that’s going on as of the end of March 2014.

I’m writing a few blog entries about writing process and some of the thoughts that arose from NaNoWriMo 2014.

The huge focus of creating new stuff is currently the Vampires article. Over the NaNoWriMo I got a little bit carried away writing the stuff about vampires and it’s on a good way to get really interesting.

I need to get better at art, so I’m probably drawing a couple of more drawings, especially to illustrate some of the wiki articles.

Software-wise, I’m happy to finally say that Avarthrel Encyclopædia is running MediaWiki 1.22 and new Semantic MediaWiki, and I’m back on track with updates. (What happened was that I finally found the cryptically misplaced error outputs and could track down what caused 1.22 to fail horribly.) Also, ever since January I’ve been using Media 1.3 module on, because the upgrade to 1.4 failed and the “security update” wasn’t actually critical to me. Now, thanks to the folks in bug reports I’ve manually fixed the database and 1.4 actually works. Yay!

Also, some creative slacking to get new ideas for stories and for worldbuilding: I finally got The Sims Medieval. Creating characters for fun and stuff. Kara is a really good bard, but I think she’s revealing stuff about herself somewhat easily.

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