This s a small change that doesn't really change a single thing: Avarthrel Blog is now Avarthrel Blog.

Uh... yeah.

This won't change much on the outset, and doesn't really affect readers in any way. You should only read on if you're interested in some random musings on Drupal. is the first Drupal site I've set up. The Beast Within, my personal website, is the second. In a way, I've been using both of these websites to learn more about Drupal and all sorts of neat tricks you can do with them.

The problem was, since was set up first, I ended up making a newbie mistake and using the built-in Blog module for the Avarthrel Blog. This ended up being a costly, if reversible, mistake.

Essentially, the Blog module is meant for multi-user blogs. It's overkill for single-user blogs. It's not geared for multiple blogs on specific parts of the site. For that, it's better to use Drupal's built in Taxonomies. custom content types, and the Views module to build more flexible blogs.

I ran into this problem when I set up two blogs - one for gaming and other for other stuff - on The Beast Within. I ended up doing a little bit convoluted trick for that, and it really showed Drupal's power.

And now, I've finally ported over this solution of mine from The Beast Within to Avarthrel. A few bulk updates, a few exports and imports, a few bits of hand-tuning and some updates of stylesheet code later, here it is.

It is kind of funny that small things like this kind of prevent me from working. I felt that the Avarthrel website was kind of broken with this issue unsettled so I just didn't feel like blogging. But then I was feeling the same when I couldn't upgrade the wiki software. I felt relieved when I finally could do that. So whatever you do, please fix your software! You'll feel better. Trust me.

Time to finally test what happens when I save the darn thing. This entry should go into the appropriate path, show up on the front page, show up on the blog page and feed, and do all sorts of other neat stuff. Cross my fingers...