All right! I’ve had many weird wanderings, but I think one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to get my blogging thing going on once again.

As you may have noticed, there’s been little to report over past few years in this blog. And that’s mostly because, once again, my attention has been drawn in many directions in the social media side. No need to make massive blog posts when a tweet will do.

So, maybe, 75% of this is the fault of my own bedazzled attention and 25% the fault of the fact that building Jekyll sites is bloody difficult in Windows setup, something that I planned to actually do. So this blog post was built in Linux VM, because by this point, I had basically forgotten that, when I use this thing in 100% Linux environment, this thing actually works and isn’t randomly running into weird snags on the way. Yayyy. It’s actually surprising how easy it is for me, personally, to lay off hobby projects when the technology side just isn’t working properly.

But I have some great plans for this blog. In particular, I need to move my attention away from the tumblr blog I had some plans for and post more frequent short updates on this blog instead.

In particular, I need to get the writing projects going again, and blogging about random stuff will no doubt help me keep the babble going.

So, random rants are upcoming, I guess. Hope you will enjoy.