So in January, I promised there would be blog posts in here again. It’s October. Sorry, time certainly has flown. I’m working on this stuff, I swear.

I am writing this blog post now, however, to kind of try to randomly announce a tiny little thing that might actually be a big thing. A bunch of people know already, but I think I’ll put it here.

So, I’m a transwoman. I’m supposed to be writing a giant blog post about this, but actually this is kind of something that isn’t a big announcement at this point. Years ago, I was already out as genderfluid, and, well, long ago I also did tell a few people both publicly and in private that, well, actually, now that I’ve done so much soul-searching, I’m actually pretty damn sure that I’m a girl.

So this isn’t really a coming-out post. (I’ll probably write more on this topic at some point. Jeez, I pinky swear I’ll post more thoughts on the topic this decade. So by next year.) I’ve been saying I’m a chick on social media for a while now. This is about something that made me a bit more confused for time being. Names.

Because a lot of places ask for names. It’s been hard to just say I’m “Rose”.

Now, I’m proud to say I’m kind of adopting the pen name of Rose Midford (or Rose Elvira Midford) as my semi-official name.

In trans community, people often find the whole deadname issue pretty complicated (to put it lightly). Personally, this isn’t such a big deal, but it’s a huge headache nevertheless. The “Midford” thing just came to me and I don’t know why — guess it’s about how I’m generally an invisible soul. But now I’ve been silently obsessing about it. So hey, let’s make this officially unofficial and just pick an official pen-name for me. Hooooray.

So why isn’t this a big deal? Two reasons: The legal part of transition in Finland is pretty damn complicated all things considered, so having an official unofficial name is as good as I can do in the interim. Secondly, this is the bloody internets, everyone goes by their usernames anyway, the actual legal names are getting an increasingly quaint old-fashioned concept.

So here I am. I’m Rose Midford, yet another nerd chick. Hello. Where were we?