Oooo! I’ve been told that personal home pages are totally out these days and user profiles are in. I used to welcome people to my personal home page, but now, I’ll just welcome you to my personal user profile at

Historical material

This particular URL used to host a lot of my personal Stuff in a particularly “Web 1.0” kind of fashion. Most of the Stuff is, or will be, moved to the appropriate new sections of - all in due time. But I don’t try to claim “ownership” of the files by deliberately keeping them under /users/wwwwolf any more - this particular page now just acts as my user profile, so to speak.

Names and handles and gender and other confusing things

My real name is Urpo Lankinen. I’ve used the handle “wwwwolf” or “WWWWolf” for a long time in the interwebs. Also Weyfour, because it’s W and 4. And in some places Weiforius, if the situation warrants pseudo-Germanic-mixed-with-Latinesque names. There’s not really that interesting tales behind the handles, I just liked wolfies and the Web was coming and, uh, that’s the dumb tale behind he name.

Ok, it’s a male name. Also, a male body, more or less. I’m a trans-something-or-other - not seen a psychologist, so I won’t give you exact details. I’m often using female avatars and listing myself as a female, because I have pretty damn severe gender dysphoria issues. It’s all very confusing for everyone. Suffice to say that I don’t really care whether you view me as male or female - I just sometimes wish people would realise that it usually doesn’t matter very much. And don’t worry, I’ll save rants and ramblings for other pages.


Currently living in Oulu, Finland. Very beautiful place.


I’m just another computer geek, writer and an artist.

I’m unemployed, and seeking job as a software developer, web designer and/or some other IT-related jobs.

My current “serious” hobbies include getting myself heavily drawn to intricacies of Drupal and other modern CMS stuff, and of course writing and photography. My biggest and most serious creative time-sink right now is the fantasy world Avarthrel, and short stories (and eventually novels) set in it. On more serious side of writing, I’m blogging pretty often on various topics.

Less serious hobbies? Gaming, gaming and perhaps more gaming while I’m at it. =) Also reading books and watching movies. The usual geek stuff, I suppose.